After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease it took me months to build the confidence to go into a restaurant and ask for Gluten Free options. In the first few months of dining out it became apparent that some restaurants were extremely helpful with dedicated Gluten Free menus. Whilst other restaurants would throw a scruffy old lever arch file in my direction where I was told to look through a ginormous spreadsheet of all of the dishes they provide to see if a specific dish contained Gluten.

After one very embarrassing incident where I was ridiculed for asking whether there were any Gluten Free options available I started to make a list of places that I felt comfortable going to with my dietary requirement. After hearing of other people’s problems with knowing where to eat out I decided to share my list of places to go. I started researching as many restaurants that I could find in the Cardiff area and finding out if they catered to my gluten free needs.

The aim of this page is to help others out in a similar situation to myself because eating out should not a stressful event. I hope that this page can build a stronger relationship between restaurants and customers’ dietary needs.

Just by doing my research I have found so many new and exciting places that I would like to go and try.

I hope that this page can inspire you to go out and try new places with ease.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Gluten Free Cardiff.